Boredom and the Cure

Boredom means the absence of an internal trigger that self-generates interesting occupation. Boredom is an unnatural state of mind that is a relatively new condition for adults—and it is an especially new and unnatural condition for children.TV Boredom and the Cure The atrophy and loss of that trigger happens from watching TV and other passive video time.

TV makes brains become dependent on external stimulus, to “receive” entertainment. Shut off the video, you leave a vacuum of boredom. Without spoon-fed entertainment, a passive brain gets bored, and seeks the easiest possible way to “be rescued” from boredom.

If there is no convenient rescue from boredom, by an external source like another video, the brain sits helplessly dormant amid painful boredom. The passive brain is not capable of rescuing itself.

An active brain cannot be bored, because boredom instantly triggers natural effort, to entertain itself, regardless of how much effort it may take. That challenge itself is a positive sensation. The active brain rejects video as a rescuer of boredom, because spoon-fed entertainment always fails to excite or fulfill nearly as much as an active brain’s self-generated activity.

The extent that you experience boredom, is proportional to the extent that your mind is passive.

Switching from the passive brain state of video entertainment, to the active brain state of self-generated activity, is an agitating imposition on a passive brain, which resents such forced brain-cell activity. Without spoon-fed video entertainment, a passive brain is stranded in a quicksand of anxiety, flailing helplessly in a mire of neuro-stagnation.

The most obvious first step to regain hope for fulfillment in life is to commit to a period (a week, a month, an hour) with no passive video time.

Anxiety, agitation, and stress will come next. Drug rehabs are filled with people experiencing similar brain-cell dependency withdrawals.

As you spend days, weeks, months away from TV, you will notice a gradual decrease in anxiety.

You begin to view electronic entertainment as a poor substitute for real self-generated entertainment and activity. Now you are cured, restored to normal human brain function. Now you have hope for a fulfilling life.

A wealth of references on these and related topics are compiled and explained in detail, with end notes and a works cited section, in THE BOOK Call of the Active Mind.

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