Developmental Death Sentence

The Talk:
We say we “care about the kids” with platitudes about helping their mental health and self esteem.
The Walk:
We sabotage their future by letting them watch over 20,000 hours of TV by the time they are adults, or closer to 40,000 on average counting passive video time on all devices.

We are good at talking the talk, but we do not walk the talk.

Compared to a kid who reaches adulthood without TV, your Video-watching child will become an adult who1:

  • Mental DisorderLost critical circuits in the brain for regulating emotions, making plans, solving problems, navigating complex social interactions, and interacting with others in positive ways
  • Lost the psychological equipment to handle hard times that life throws at us
  • Suffers poor mental functioning, overall impaired mental ability, and a lowered IQ
  • Grossly overestimates their own intelligence and abilities (non-TV-viewers estimate their own abilities more accurately)
  • Accepts information and images without processing it critically
  • Gets lower grades
  • Feels lower self esteem
  • Carries more aggression and is more likely to commit crimes
  • Feels less empathy and compassion towards others
  • Fears constructive challenges
  • Spends more time unemployed
  • Suffers more frustration and stress regardless of circumstances

These are not theories or speculations. These are the well-known facts of TV’s effects, understood in the psychology community where countless studies have been confirming these same conclusions over the past 30 years. The deafening silence on this topic in the media is a testament to the control that the media holds over public discourse and people’s minds. It is a quiet surrender to the most insidious, and most preventable, mental disorder in history.

Self MockingMeanwhile, TV makes people self-mocking. The only warnings of the effects of TV that you will see on TV are joking, mocking commercials and shows laughing at the idea of TV melting your mind. It makes people laugh to have their melting mind thrown in their face and smirked at by the TV image that is melting their mind. People are molded as well as melted by TV. TV mocks; people self-mock. TV laughs at them, people laugh along. People behave as expected. It’s fun and predictable.

The Death Sentence

The difference in the mind free of TV’s damage is impossible to communicate. Our nation’s population is the most damaged, ironically because of its past leadership in science and technology. We got TVs before anyone else. We invented the devices that are killing us.

Now the American Ivy League university faculties are more than 50 percent foreign born. Universities dredge the bottom of the GRE scorers just to find American-born graduate students, and yet still must take mostly the foreign-born high-scorers in the sciences. Corporations find executives from other countries to fill the highest level leadership positions. Americans can no longer lead or think dynamically.

Being raised in the US is becoming a developmental death sentence.

ConsequencesAs facts, evidence, and studies pile higher and higher, showing us how we are destroying ourselves; and as we deteriorate to lower and lower brain function; we sink deeper into passive acceptance of our self-destructive spiral. We are soon to devolve into a truly lesser species, with no comprehension of the higher, deeper, stronger one that we lost.

Deep down inside, everyone knows how bad the problem of TV really is, and what they should do about it. In fact, that is the subject of yet more studies, showing that people know the damage, but admit that they still cannot stop watching TV. Don’t be one of them, be your true self as nature intended without TV-induced deterioration and passivity.

Walk the Talk of a responsible citizen—do your part to reverse the damage.

1 References are listed in detail with end notes and works cited sections in
THE BOOK Call of the Active Mind.

Call of the Active Mind, ©Copyright Robert Rose-Coutré 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016

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