Individuality Is Dead

Social activity and mental activity differentiate people. Isolated passive people are not becoming more individualized. In their video-isolation, they are stagnating, becoming more the same.

Children losing individuality as they watch

  • TV forces shallowness on you.
  • Shallowness breeds sameness.
  • TV forces passivity on you.
  • Passivity breeds sameness.

TV-level sameness means the lowest common denominator is the only denominator left in people. When people do talk, they talk about TV shows, they talk and think in TV-snippet phrases. They talk and think like TV.

With no TV, and instead, with more interaction, you gain greater differentiation and individual development, as well as greater bonding with family and friends. When personalities “bounce off” each other, in person, they differentiate more and develop individuality. TV shuts down that individuality. TV makes everyone become two-dimensional cookie-cutter copies of each other.Adults losing individuality as they watch

Today the individual is dead. Every cookie-cutter copy has its own room, its own device, its own space in its own bubble.

We have seen the annihilation of the human, the rise of the bubble-dwellers. We have changed from many different individuals in the same room, to many duplicate two-dimensional robot-creatures separated into different rooms.People losing individuality as they watch

You can substitute TV with other passive screen time on any device, it’s the same result. For today’s shallow, mindless cookie-cutter “humans,” learning is painful. But if you can still stand the pain, face up to what we have become, and learn what you can do about it: Call of the Active Mind.

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