DENIAL – The Myth of the Myth

A glance at the many articles and studies cited on this blog is enough to demonstrate the far-reaching damage done to people’s hearts, minds, and bodies by watching TV. The fact is that people from the beginning of human history until the mid-twentieth century were more developed and more capable than people since then. Still, there is denial.DENIAL - The Myth of the Myth

One denial I’ve heard is to claim a book like Call of the Active Mind is inventing a mythology: The myth of a greater civilization that is now lost, a romantic notion of a stronger, smarter, nobler, more capable species that roamed the earth in the legendary past.

Saying that a stronger more active population never existed is a copout. The cheap comfort from denying the present lower-caliber reality might alleviate guilt and might feel better in a superficial way, but it also nurtures incompetence and self-defeat.

To say that nothing has been lost, and that we’re actually not any different today, is to surrender your brain to lower functioning frustration and emptiness.

TV is like a pill that decays your mind while temporarily giving you pleasant sensations. Every time you deny the damage of TV, you take another pill, and die a little more inside.
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