New Year’s Resolution 2016

My New Year’s Resolution is to be more life affirming. To me that means

  • to listen to other people more carefully
  • to respond constructively every time
  • to take nothing and no one for granted
  • to do more and talk less about it
  • to use precious time and energy to create, build, restore, improve, and achieve
  • to apply rigor in professional and personal activities
  • to value and encourage constructive paths in everyone in every situation
  • to greet hardship with solutions in a spirit of rising instead of falling
  • to adapt to change in stride, with the poise of faith and confidence
  • to make fewer mistakes
  • to be grateful every day

To sum up, I think affirming life means raising the bar of quality. It’s what I hope I’m always pursuing, but a new year is a good time to reinforce the philosophy of life. It’s a good time to remember that reward and joy come from discipline in personal conduct while at the same time focusing more on others than on myself. It’s a good time to remember that focus on personal comfort leads to shallow efforts. It’s a good time to remember that carelessness undermines the quality of life. It’s a good time to remember that focus on self leads to emptiness.

I hope that one or two of my readers will add similar resolutions for 2016, because I believe it makes life better for you as well as everyone around you. Happy New Year!

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