Party of Hate (All news is fake news)

Party of Hate
Republican: “Democrats are the fascist racist party of hate.”
Democrat: “Republicans are the fascist racist party of hate.”

The media told them both how to think. Both are equally convinced, absolutely right.

The elite club that runs the RNC and DNC—and the media—turns people of both parties into puppets who hate on command. Keep them distracted by artificially manufactured culture wars reinforced 24/7 on every news channel. The game generates endless streams of revenue for those pulling the political and media strings. The puppets act out a farce called “political activism” and the “two-party system.” Behind the two parties, lies an elite club manipulating people’s emotions, making them hate others and feel superior.

But the Democrats and Republicans say they are not manipulated, they are independent-thinking individuals. They say they “can’t be manipulated,” as they equally insist on their self-righteous superiority over each other. Keep them at each others’ throats. Trigger the brain-stem reflex. It’s as easy as a 5-minute spot on CNN.

Independent-thinking individuals look at people instead of video images of people. They find out that racists and sexists are the rare exception among the population.

Democrat: “Democrats want fairness and equal treatment and freedom, to make a better society for everyone.”
Republican: “Republicans want fairness and equal treatment and freedom, to make a better society for everyone.”

Yes, they both mean it, with exactly the same sincerity and conviction and confidence in their rightness.

But they still cannot believe the same of the other party’s members.

One arm of the media manufactured a caricature “Democrat” that is evil, another arm invented a caricature “Republican” that is evil. People are drawn to one party or the other by genetically predetermined temperament. The arm of visual media that is “on their side” now controls the images defining their perceptions, values, and opinions. People’s chosen media (“liberal media” or “conservative media”) continually intensifies viewers’ conviction that they are right and the other side is wrong.

Video images compel simplistic feelings that sink deeper into blind one-sidedness. Overwhelmingly emotional “views” are then retrofitted back into a rationalization, which people adopt after-the-fact, to explain to themselves why they are right, and others are wrong.

TV/video-viewers’ political positions are a force-fed illusion that exploits the most base and dehumanizing weaknesses of the heart and mind.

We crave the illusion and soak it up, because it gives us a mission. Clinton voters hated the filthy Trump voters, and Trump voters hated the filthy Clinton voters. No one was ever allowed to see a person, only a caricature. Certainly no one ever saw, much less had a friendly discussion with, a real person who voted for the other candidate. Once people decide to get their information by TV/video, they are lost.

While almost no one is actually sexist, and almost no one is actually racist, the media made Democrats hate Republicans for “being a Republican” and made Republicans hate Democrats for “being a Democrat.” They defend their hatred after-the-fact with packaged party-line accusations, fed to them by the media. Divisive clichés and knee-jerk ridicule replace thoughtful debate.

Now instead of being sexist or racist, we are partyist. We are prejudiced hate-mongering bigots, not bigots of race or sex, but bigots of political party.

“But wait, that’s not being prejudiced, because it’s based on diametrically opposed values of right and wrong,” said the brainwashed bigot who knew he was right. Values don’t divide, twisted word-games driven by shallow self-righteousness are what divide us. This is the special domain of the media, and we are its subjects.

The media teaches us that it’s OK to feel and express racist-type hatred, as long as it’s aimed at the other party, instead of at the other race. Hating the enemy’s hatred that we project onto them, justifies the same brand of hatred in ourselves. We invent an affront, so we can hate our own invention, and call it “the other party, ” and then, the other human being.

Media corrupts people’s hearts to the point that they actually prefer the caricature over the person, so they can hate it more. They deny the existence of the real person, and cling to the caricature so they can keep hating with a clear conscience. Out of a few well-made video clips, arises overwhelming animosity towards others. No one wants the truth, because it’s too reasonable and boring.

Hate grows as we lose the distinction between media artifice and reality. Media conditions our brains to hunger for excuses to accuse each other—then the media feeds our hunger, with polished, packaged images of stimulating outrage. TV/video-media delivers the poison that corrupts our emotions.

If you reach across the aisle to shake hands with the other side, your own side will crucify you. The one thing they love more than hating the enemy, is hating one of their own who “becomes a traitor.” They foam at the mouth to find a traitor, so they can join in the attack.

All this TrashTo be called a Traitor today, you only need to show interest in working with the “other side.” In a corrupt society, words take on corrupt meanings. Today, the Traitors are the people who don’t hate.

Based on the overwhelming evidence of Facebook, people believe the only way to persuade someone of their point of view is to insult, ridicule, exaggerate, and accuse.

But in real life, the only way to persuade someone of your point of view, is to first understand the other point of view: Why is your antagonist, the protagonist in his world? Do you truly feel your antagonist’s heartfelt conscience, which is just as genuine as yours? (“Ouch, that filthy creature has the same feelings as me!?”)

The genuine way is to put ourselves in the shoes of people who think differently, who seem to have “diametrically opposed values,” to understand them better. Argue against them, certainly, but understand them first, no matter what stretch of the imagination that may require. When societies fail to get along, it’s not so much a moral failure, it’s a failure of imagination.

Democrat: “No way! Did you hear him say ‘….’ — that proves he’s evil! I’ll never understand him.”
Republican: “No way! Did you hear her say ‘….’ — that proves she’s evil! I’ll never understand her.”

Two LiesWe should know better. But we can’t know better, because our own choice of TV/video media reinforces our prejudices, and manipulates our emotions in ways we cannot perceive, and even controls our perception of “reality.”

It is impossible to notice the brainwashing process when it happens to your own brain. Then it’s too late. Now you hate those nasty not-my-party people. Now you have surrendered to the hate that gives the elite club its power over you. That’s the only reality you have left, and it leaves us with one reliable fact: all news is fake news.

The Party of Hate is not the Republican Party, and it’s not the Democratic Party. It’s the Party at the club that controls: 1. the Republican Party, 2. the Democratic Party, 3. the Media, 4. Your Mind. The club basks in the swelter of mindless hatred they flooded into our psyches through our self-selected TV/video filters. They bask in every morsel of hatred that we swallow. They promote everyone’s self-righteous superiority over each other.
See a lot more information about how TV/video dominates your thoughts and emotions, with references, citations, and extensive development, in THE BOOK Call of the Active Mind.
©copyright Robert Rose-Coutré 2016

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