Patience and Precision

Rose-CoutréPatience and precision can change your life. You need them to engage in what you are doing, and to apprehend what you are doing. Don’t rush, don’t try to get it over with, don’t be careless. Assert patience and precision. Feel your activities thoroughly. Take pleasure in your toil as much as you take pleasure in your eating and drinking. Activities we call “work” can be more refreshing than activities we normally call “entertainment,” once you have an active mind.

Focus carefully on anything that you are doing in the three-dimensional world: cooking, driving, parking, conversing, vacuuming, washing your hands, making coffee, painting a landscape, painting your bathroom, replacing a light bulb, lawn-mowing, shuffling a deck of cards, refilling a stapler, exercising, eating, trimming hedges, planting a flower, setting the table, folding laundry, paying bills, pouring a glass of water, selecting birthday gifts, organizing your day.

While you are engaged in everything you’re doing, apprehend everything you’re doing, thinking, and feeling. The word “apprehend” can mean to catch and arrest a criminal, but it also means to grab and get a firm hold of a concept or an activity or a feeling—to grasp the full meaning—the tiniest details and the big picture. As you are engaged and focused, push your mind to apprehend the details, the big picture, the meaning, the process, the sensation, the context, the consequences, and every other aspect of your activity, feeling, or thought.

Do these things and you will make better decisions, save time in the long run, have a more satisfying everyday life, be better prepared for the future, enjoy every moment more, learn more in every way. You will become smarter, more mature, more emotionally developed, more perceptive, more refreshed.

The above is an excerpt from my book. To see the supporting context, purchase your own copy.

From my book
Call of the Active Mind
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