Ruination of Humanity

Rose-CoutréBrains need exercise. Without exercise, the brain decreases in functionality. TV marks the first time in history that people sat for hours with the brain in a semi-sleep, passive state while technically awake (leaves the brain more suggestible to accept what it sees more easily).

In this dormant state, the brain atrophies while media-determined “reality” is fed into the brain. Brain function deteriorates more as more passive screen entertainment surrounds people, with TVs in every room, videos on laptops and tablets, and smart phones that go with you everywhere. We are reduced to almost zero development as human beings.

Every Walk of Life
Several generations have now grown up disengaged by passive screen entertainment, leaving us a wasteland of lower-functioning minds: parents, teachers, senators, presidents, generals, CEOs, surgeons, nurses, scientists, clergy, bartenders, waiters and waitresses, dishwashers, chefs, engineers, construction workers, clerks, auditors, accountants, therapists, mechanics, actors, directors, writers, painters, musicians, bankers, lawyers, judges, plumbers, marketers, sanitation workers, receptionists, dry-cleaners, cashiers, factory workers, programmers, veterinarians, and every other walk of life.

No One Is Exempt
Everyone who grew up watching a lot of TV will be worse at anything they do for the rest of their life without exception, than they would have been without TV. Their lives will be more empty, more frustrating, more tedious, with less control over their lives, with less fulfillment. In every profession, people will be less creative, less careful, less focused, less precise, and less concerned, than they would have been with less TV and more development.

With less development in the whole population, every service, every product, and every procedure, you get lower quality work, more mistakes, worse attitudes, and untold damage across the whole society. Add a huge population explosion to that drastic reduction in everyone’s competence, and you get the sloppy mess of a lower-caliber, bungling, and criminal society that we have today.

Relative Standards
By the standards of any culture at any time in history before the 1960s, today’s society is less mature, less developed, less skilled, less thinking. It is not because one generation is better than another. It is because every person who watches a lot of TV and video will have less development and lower standards than any person who does not.

A Faded Memory
Few people remember a society before TV, when the majority were stronger, more mature, more developed, more skilled, more disciplined, and more imaginative.

The Unnatural Way
A few parents still raise their kids without TV. They are considered “unnatural.” The greatest proof of TV’s corruption of society is that people consider that truly natural way to raise a child—no TV/Video—to be “unnatural,” and they consider suppressing their child’s brain development in front of passive video to be the more natural way. The only thing many parents are passing on to their children is the cycle of their own brain deterioration.

The lower-functioning mind is now perceived as a normal mind. Mental flabbiness and immaturity permeate every field, every walk of life, every instance of parental guidance, every domestic argument, every geopolitical negotiation, every economic recovery plan, every surgical operation, every friend’s advice, every political campaign, every voter’s decision, every creative endeavor, every production line, every meal cooked at a restaurant, every TV show or movie produced, every business activity, every courtroom decision, every repair job, every person you meet, every driver of cars in the streets, every child’s behavior, every hope for tomorrow.

Say Goodbye
TV’s displacement of time spent actively has caused atrophy in creative thinking, imagination, analytical skill, depth of thinking, concentration, attention span, logical reasoning, sustained chains of thought, perceptivity, articulacy, vocabulary, eye-hand coordination, dexterity, emotional maturity, psychological development, courtesy, compassion, charitable tendencies, anger-management, conflict-handling, composure under pressure, self-governance, self-discipline, self-control, life skills, and common sense. Say goodbye to all of these.

But people are oblivious to their degraded condition, because they have no way of knowing what they’re missing. People with a lower-functioning mind grossly overestimate their own intelligence and decision-making abilities (Dunning-Kruger Effect), while non-TV-viewers estimate their own abilities more accurately. So as passive screen entertainment gradually makes people less intelligent, they become more confident that they are more intelligent than ever. The cycle of delusional intelligence feeds the epidemic of incompetence.

A Wall of Time
A wall exists between people who grew up without TV and people who grew up with a lot of TV/video. Perception of reality is totally different between the two types of people. It is like a different species.

Even for those younger people whose parents saved them from the stunted development of passive video, those fully developed younger people are still trapped in a society that is lower functioning and lower caliber. They are trapped in a world of mind-boggling incompetence, immaturity, and obliviousness.

All of the above is supported with extensive studies and references in THE BOOK
Call of the Active Mind.

“We were the leopards, the lions, those who take our place will be jackals, hyenas.”
Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, Il Gattopardo

From my book Call of the Active Mind
©copyright Robert Rose-Coutré 2016

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