Spiritual Life

SaintMany people say there is no spiritual reality. This is the common fallacy of “I can’t see it so it must not be there.” People who exert their energy to deny spirituality will never have a spiritual life. People who have a positive attitude and an open mind, find spiritual experience with God, find connections and purpose from spiritual life.

Peace of mind comes from spiritual truth, which you can only find on your own. It can be discovered, but not demonstrated. No one can show it to you. No one can prove it to you. If you need it to be proved, you will never find it. If you look for it, you will find it.

Angel SkyA disciplined, open-minded mode of exploration through the mysteries of life, with a desire to learn from everything, leads to belief in God.

Spiritual life is deeper than material life. When you experience spiritual reality, and you experience God’s presence, you no longer have the option to deny God’s existence. It’s like saying, “I don’t believe in reality.” Because now, you can see it.

The less you know about spiritual reality, the more you think “knowing” is like science. The more you know about life, the more you understand that deeper knowledge is less scientific, and requires intuitive and spiritual faculties.

Sincerity in Learning
Cross SkyThe more I learn, the more I learn the importance of being respectful and receptive to my predecessors. Discovering centuries of people sharing their insights and observations compels me to keep a respectful attitude, to learn what I can from them.

We have the benefit of past centuries of great thinkers who report what they found to others. We have the benefit (at least for awhile yet) of older people who have a wealth of insights, advice, and warnings from their rich lives and vast experience. Their work teaches us. Their sincerity teaches us.

Praying HandsIt is important to be respectful and receptive, to help you grow into a higher caliber person, and a more fulfilled person.

Spiritual Center
The basis for everything meaningful, good, constructive, happy, illuminating, and positive in existence derives from a spiritual life.

Happiness comes in many forms—emotional, intellectual, physical—but the root cause of lasting happiness is spiritual. It is not a destination, it is a mode of travel through life.

Bells SunsetA spiritual life transforms happiness from a fleeting moment into a reliable, consistent mode of traveling through every moment.

The insights of older people along with the works of past prophets, philosophers, poets, novelists, theologians, scientists, and others, offer no enlightenment to a purely materialistic person.

Deeper intelligence and wisdom is only perceived by people with a spiritual attitude and a sincere desire to learn. With a spiritual center, learning fuels your life with meaning. A spiritual life helps you learn meaningful things, instead of just things.

From THE BOOK Call of the Active Mind, ©Copyright Robert Rose-Coutré 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016

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