Summary Dissolution

The number of hours of TV watched throughout life is the number of hours of development lost. Everything that should make us human is lost:

  • verbal skillsSummary Dissolution
  • math skills
  • overall intelligence
  • imagination
  • attention span
  • concentration
  • critical processing
  • analytical thinking
  • emotional maturity
  • stability
  • responsibility
  • bonding with other people
  • social skills
  • motor skills
  • mechanical skills
  • initiative
  • physical condition
  • overall fulfillment

The greater number of hours spent watching TV, the greater the deficiency in all of these areas. Add physical disease and early death to the costs of “unwinding in front of the TV.”

The type of shows one watches is irrelevant. The nature of all effortless video entertainment results in these deficiencies. No amount of “quality programming” will help. If all of your TV time were quality programming, you would still be damaged.

Destructive trends and a degraded society naturally follow after hundreds of millions of Americans lost tens of thousands of hours of this normal development.
As video-watching goes up, development goes down. No one can escape this inverse relationship.

Reducing TV time is the first and only step that will help reclaim full life experience. It restores life as it was lived by people from the beginning of human history until the mid-twentieth century, before TV’s summary dissolution of the human spirit.

It may take years after significantly reducing TV before completely restoring fully human experience. So start ASAP.
See references, citations, and extensive development of this topic in THE BOOK Call of the Active Mind.
©copyright Robert Rose-Coutré 2016

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