Toddler Intelligence and TV

Quotes from the Article “Watching TV ‘makes toddlers less intelligent’”:

“The study found that for every extra hour of TV a week the two-year-olds watched there was a 6 percent decrease in maths achievement…, a 7 percent decrease in classroom engagement, and a 10 percent increase in “victimisation” by peers, such as teasing, rejection and assault. Each extra hour also corresponded with 9 percent less exercise, consumption of 10 percent more snacks, and a 5 percent rise in body mass index.

“Researchers said that pre-school is a critical time for brain development and that TV watching displaced time that could be spent engaging in “developmentally enriching tasks.” Even incremental exposure to TV delayed development.

“Although we expected the impact of early TV viewing to disappear after seven-and-a-half years of childhood, the fact that negative outcomes remained is quite daunting…Our findings make a compelling public health argument against excessive viewing in early childhood.

“Several studies have indicated that television harms educational and social development. A New Zealand study which went up to the age of 26 demonstrated that childhood viewing was “significantly associated” with leaving school without qualifications, concluding that the link was clear regardless of early problems or socio-economic status.

“British psychologist Dr. Aric Sigman, who has reviewed 30 scientific papers on TV and computer-screen viewing, said that governmental “advice on TV is conspicuous by its absence. Politicians are scared to take on the entertainment industry, because that industry also provides political news.”

Read the full article “Watching TV ‘makes toddlers less intelligent’”
By Martin Hickman
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